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Rental Cars Evia Greece

Economy Car Hire Evia

Evia is the second largest island in Greece and sixth largest in the Mediterranean. It extends along the northeastern continental mainland, heading northwest to southeast.

It is connected with Sterea Hellas from many different points but also by road with two bridges at the height of Chalkis, capital of the island.

A rental car from Imperial Car Rental is essential for your trips to Evia.

Numerous findings at various points (Istiea, Kirinthos, Psachna, Amarynthos, Artaki, Karystos and elsewhere) indicate that Euboea is inhabited since Paleolithic times, and there are numerous archaeological finds from the Copper Age, Early Helladic, Middle Helladic, Late Helladic and Mycenaean period.

In the 8th century BC the Evvoes created great colonies in the Mediterranean, from Thrace to Italy and Sicily, while in classical times Eretria was one of the most powerful Greek cities.

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In Byzantine times, Evia has enjoyed great prosperity. During the Ottoman domination, it remained in the hands of the Turks until 1830, when it reunited with Greece.

With the rented Car A Car, you should visit the impressive cable bridge that connects the island with the rest of Greece and the old mobile bridge and admire the tidal phenomenon. Visit the Turkish-Venetian Castle Karababa, strategically located on the mainland of Chalkida, the Roman aqueduct, the Red House in Chalkida, the Archaeological and Folklore Museum and swim in the beaches of Kourenti, Liani Ammos, Papathanasiou, Souvala.

Explore the rare scenery of the island with beautiful beaches such as Chiliadou, Mourteri, the beach and the picturesque Port of Kimi, with the traditional Kymi built amphitheatrically above the bay in a verdant environment, the thermal spring of Chounavikos and Mount Oxylithos with the a volcano crater at its top.

Korasida beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Greece, combining magnificent mountain and sea, while next to it is the beautiful Kalamos beach, with crystal clear waters and blue flag both.

Rent a Car in Evia Greece

Car rental with Imperial Car Rental gives you access to verdant mountains such as Ochi and Dirfy, rivers with dreamy canyons like Dimosari Gorge, dense forests such as Platanias and Stenis with the Ski Center. Atmospheric villages such as Karystos with Kokkinokastro, Lake with its natural harbor and archaeological site, Rovies with the plane trees and the Waterfalls of Drymonas, Edipsos with the thermal baths and the important archaeological site, Eretria with the ancient theater , the ancient temples, the Mosaic House, the lush island of Dreams, the deserted villages of Kafireas. Medieval towers in Messapia, the mysterious ancient Drakospita in Styra on Mount Ochi, the villages of Cavo Doro, the twin Venetian towers of Mytikas do not exhaust the sight of the island in any way.

Passing one of the most beautiful platanadasi of Greece, you meet the harbor in Mantoudi, on the beautiful sandy coast of Kwasi, in the place of the legendary ancient city of Kirinthos.

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Impressive is the enormous beach of Agia Anna or Agali, as well as the spectacular gorge of Nilea or Boulvainena.

In the center of the green and fertile plain of northern Evia, where you can comfortably arrive thanks to the rental of Imperial Car Rental vehicles, you will find the beautiful Istiea, next to the homonymous ancient city and the Oreoi with important archaeological finds and the magical Nissiotisa beach.

Do not miss to visit Aliveri with its picturesque port Karavos, the protected wetlands of Lake Dystos and the extensive archaeological site, as well as Marmari with the beautiful beach of Figia and Megali Ammos that changes shape every year.

Your trip to Euboea promises to give you unique experiences, thanks to the comfort of the car rental service Imperial Car Rental.

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